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On this page you can read and download various materials relating to the Waternish Wind Farm project as it develops. You can also read our project FAQ.


Frequently Asked Questions

When we consider sites for potential wind farms, we consider the following issues:

  • Wind speed research for the site
  • Physical Constraints Mapping i.e. is the site large enough for a wind farm development
  • Buildability
  • Visual integration with any surrounding wind farms
  • A Planning Sensitivity Assessment
  • Grid Capacity (Reviewing the local grid to research grid capacity for the wind farm)
  • Avoiding harm to archaeological and cultural heritage assets on the site
  • Research into minimising effects of the development, including cumulative and sequential effects on nearby roads, recreational routes and hill summits, settlements and scattered residential dwellings in the vicinity
  • Review of Energy Production and Financial Modelling

The analysis we’ve undertaken at the proposed site for Waternish Wind Farm shows that it has good wind speeds for energy generation, coupled with transport access from the main A850 and no national landscape designations within the site.

The proposal for Waternish Wind Farm is for 15 turbines, up to 200 metres in height. The wind farm will produce over 75 megawatts (MW) of green energy, meaning that the planning application will be submitted to the Scottish Government’s Energy Consents Unit for determination.

We are currently working on a proposed layout for the wind farm, and will display our initial proposal at a public consultation event in spring 2023. The layout will be finalised based on ongoing site studies and community feedback, and consulted on at a second public event in summer 2023 before the planning application is submitted. At our public exhibitions we will have visualisations of what the wind farm will look like.

Detailed information is gathered over a two-year period and detailed in the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) which will form part of the final planning application.

This information includes:

  • Landscape and visual impact 
  • Landscape assessment
  • Impacts on wildlife and habitat, ecosystems and biodiversity
  • Impacts on the water environment, including presence of peat deposits
  • Impact on nearby communities including shadow flicker, noise assessments and visual amenity
  • Aviation matters such as impact on radar and military low flying
  • Historic environment impacts
  • Road traffic impacts
  • Socio-economic impacts, including tourism
  • Cumulative impacts
  • Decommissioning

Further information can be found here.

The proposal is still at a very early stage. If planning consent is secured, then a detailed programme of works would be produced by the construction contractors, and we would endeavour to inform the local community of the commencement date and construction programme prior to the commencement of works.

It is estimated that construction would take up to 24 months to construct the Proposed Development. Where possible, construction activities will be carried out concurrently to reduce the overall length of the construction programme.

Throughout the extensive public consultation process we will continually review the site layout, considering feedback from key stakeholders and residents, and considering the findings of our ongoing surveys.

Prior to submitting any application to the Scottish Government we will share our proposals as they evolve with key stakeholders and the local community, via public exhibition events, and displaying various updates on this website. Throughout the process, we will ensure that the community has opportunities to comment on the proposals.

The final site layout will be displayed at the public exhibition events taking place in spring / summer 2023.

Once our plans are submitted to the Scottish Government there will be further opportunity for residents and key stakeholders to provide their views on the proposed development.

The onshore wind sector supports an estimated 7,500 jobs in Scotland. We are committed to ensuring that, through the consultation, design, construction and commissioning phases of the Waternish Wind Farm project we procure services and provide job opportunities as locally to the site as possible.

We also believe that the project can bring forward a range of opportunities for the local communities neighbouring the wind farm site through the associated community benefit fund and potential opportunity for community ownership.

The site is located at Greshornish on the east coast of the Waternish peninsula. The land consists of commercial forestry and open moorland. The exact placement and layout of the turbines will be decided following our extensive public consultation process.

Brookfield will work with the local community to create a community benefit fund that reflects local ambitions and is distributed as directed by the local community.

We hope, in the first instance, to work with the communities closest to the wind farm site to design a structure that is appropriate for the local area.

Please get in touch if you have any suggestions.

We are currently exploring opportunities to provide options for community ownership at the proposed Waternish Wind Farm. At this stage we will be keen to hear from residents and community groups who would like to explore this option further.

Please get in touch to register your interest in community ownership.

We are currently considering turbines with tip heights up to 200 metres. The tip height will be finalised when we submit our application for planning to the Energy Consents Unit later in 2023.
The project is still at a very early stage. We are reviewing potential options for connection to the electricity transmission network. However it is likely that the development, if approved, will connect into the Skye Transmission Reinforcement Works.
Our website hosts all information relating to the proposed Waternish Wind Farm. We would also encourage you to sign up to our project newsletter to receive information directly about the plans.